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Photography feeds our soul.

This is a Women's Photographers Community Only.

Women of any photographic experience. 

Madison River-morning-fog-Yellowstone National Park.jpg
Madison River-morning-fog-Yellowstone National Park.jpg


This community aims to empower women photographers, no matter what stage they are in their craft, from the novice to the professional.  

As a members-only community, we seek a safe and supportive environment to help empower each of us to achieve our photographic goals through inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

This is your GO-TO site for your creative needs. Here you will find a variety of resources, forums, and valuable feedback from the community.

This is a place to connect.

This is a place to share.

This is a place to learn.

This is a place to grow.

Each of us has a unique vision with a vital voice. Your ideas, opinions, and thoughts are important, and my desire is to provide this place for you. 

Leave our egos behind

This is a place where we will not judge, we will not bully, and let us leave the politics behind. We are women here to support each other. 

About Danielle

I wanted to start this community as I believe there needs to be more support for women photographers. I've never been fortunate enough to have a female mentor. I am forever grateful for the male photographers who have taught me and shared their knowledge. I treasure all my photographer relationships, but I think it is important that women have other women to learn and share from. 

Too often, women are taught to follow the rules than to take risks. Over the years, I've seen many talented women photographers not recognized for their work. I want more for all of us. I want women to have more empowerment, confidence, and to genuinely know how talented they are!

Active in photography for over 30 years and working professionally for 20 years, Danielle Austen is an award-winning fine art photographer specializing in intimate portraits of the environment. Educated and trained in the fine arts and photojournalism, Danielle's work has been published in local, regional, and national newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, NJ Monthly, and Life's, The Year in Pictures. 


Returning to her fine art roots, she was selected into seven Artist-in-Resident programs across the United States, including five national parks. She has also participated in dozens of national and international juried exhibits, multiple group shows, and four solo exhibits. 


Danielle has won numerous national and international awards in her photojournalism and fine art work. In addition, she teaches online courses, gives workshops, presents various topics to photographic societies throughout the region, and is honored to be a mentor to others.

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